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Rules UPDATE! Empty Rules UPDATE!

OMG The rules have been *GASP* UPDATED?!

After two years, yes they have! Can you believe it??!!! @_@

Basically, they are a lot more fair now and make sense. I was immature when I first wrote them and yeah....Anyway, past is past. Moving on.

Rules that were removed.

  • Activity -- To put it short, this rule is GONE. Basically, this rule stated that if you didn't post within a length of time, you would be removed/deleted from the site. You know, this really isn't fair.......=/ People have the option to stop by whenever they want. And if they never stop by to RP or hangout in the OOC section, then move on without them. It's no reason to boot them from a site. They did nothing wrong!
    So yeah, long story short, there is no longer an activity rule. You will never be deleted for inactivity ever again.

  • RP Post Length -- Before, you HAD to write a minimum of 4 sentences in a RP. .........You know what, that's just plain silly. I want you all to write as much or little as you feel like. So this rule is GONE. There is no post min. or max. Write to your heart's content!

And I think that's all! Very Happy You can review the rules here.

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